NASA outlines their future Mars plans. Also, Soyuz-5 threatened, Virgin Orbit layoffs, and an experimental metal printer.
Published 04/05/23
Relativity Space made their first launch attempt, accomplishing some milestones, but falling short of others. Also, HANBIT, NS-23, and SWOT.
Published 03/29/23
A Stoke Space prepares for a short hop, we review their surprising approach. Also, an ISS deorbit tug, Virgin Orbit's pause, and a new moon suit!
Published 03/22/23
A deep dive into STS-400 in honor of our fourth double-zero episode. Also, the VV22 investigation, an IBEX glitch, and an ISS maneuver.
Published 03/15/23
Learn with us from the noted cheese machine designer about testing flextures, aligning space lasers, and roll-up solar arrays.
Published 03/08/23
A bit of Starship static fire info, and a look at SPX's plans. Also, NASA prepares for Gateway and BeetleSat spreads its wings.
Published 03/01/23
New photos of a leaking Soyuz, and LauncherOne's failure mode are decidedly un-cool. Also, H3's abort, SPX oil rigs, ESCAPADE, and a space tug.
Published 02/22/23
A Russian satellite broke up just ahead of the hallmark holiday. Also, Super Heavy, Progress MS-21, Camden, and Kuiper!
Published 02/15/23
ISRO published a detailed overview of their SSLV failure investigation. Also, NASA's Artemis I software, Peregrine's landing site, and Mars samples!
Published 02/08/23
As chemical rockets near their theoretical limits, NASA decides to just rocket harder. Also, Starship's WDR, Lucy's new target and JunoCam's anomaly.
Published 02/01/23
ABL released their initial DEMO-1 failure analysis, explaining nine simultaneous engine shutdowns. Also, ISS scientists, JUICE, Lucy, and ClearSpace!
Published 01/25/23
Spaceflight News— Soyuz MS-22 rescue (spacenews.com) (russianspaceweb.com)— Virgin Orbit failure (spacenews.com) (spacenews.com) (virginorbit.com) — Virgin Galactic recently restructured their leadership (spacenews.com) — Virgin Orbit is suffering financial woes (arstechnica.com)— ABL RS1 failure (spacenews.com) (nasaspaceflight.com) (HT Sam: twitter.com/ablspacesystems) (HT Sam: twitter.com/shaggrugg) (twitter.com/Harry__Stranger)Short & Sweet— Soyuz-OneWeb hostage negotiations underway...
Published 01/18/23
A moon mission mélange! Also, Wenchang expansion and Impulse Space on Transporter-9.
Published 01/11/23
A Soyuz wet the bed, and is now at risk of overheating! Also, Lockheed Martin and Zhuque-2 have both burst their own bubble.
Published 12/21/22
HLS2 bids are in! Also, a new sea-launched rocket and a future rocket-launched Tim!
Published 12/14/22
Artemis is officially homeward-bound! Also, Phantom Space ridesharing, Bluewalker full deployment, and iROSA installation.
Published 12/07/22
An Artemis I update and a history investigation. Also, China's solar project, Canada's solar project, and Gaganyaan's parachute test.
Published 11/30/22
The book Space Craze illustrates humanity's fascination with space, and how science fiction has impacted the way we go there.
Published 11/23/22
NG Cygnus made it to Station despite a stuck solar array. Also, X-37B returned, Long March-5 program modifications, and a tropical storm for Artemis.
Published 11/16/22
Rocket Lab's latest catch attempt was aborted. Also, China's spaceplane, POLARIS' spaceplane, and an expensive fire alarm.
Published 11/09/22
VirtualAGC has now archived every LM AGC build that went to the moon! Also, SLS, Spyche, Polaris Dawn and JPSS-2 schedules.
Published 11/02/22
TransAstra is developing asteroid-spotting software and hardware, as well as solar-powered engines and mining equipment.
Published 10/26/22
Here you have launch issues three ways, and a duo of rocket appearances. Also, Lucy flyby, TESS safe mode, and China's new solar observatory.
Published 10/19/22
Student cubesat programs are becoming more common, but no less impressive! Learn with us about delicate solar panels and LASER SPHERES!
Published 10/12/22
DART DID THE THING! Also, ViaSat-3 tests a thing, Hubble might get the thing done to it, and Firefly also does the thing.
Published 10/05/22