Modern Smallmouth Secrets, with Tim Landwehr
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This week, my guest is Tim Landwehr [43:50], of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company in De Pere, Wisconsin. Tim has decades of experience guiding for smallmouth bass and is co-author of a book on fly fishing for smallmouths. He shares some innovative and modern techniques for catching difficult smallmouths under all conditions, some you have probably never heard of or thought about. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions, including: When I am Euro nymphing, why do trout always take my fly on the swing, after it has finished its dead drift? I have trouble seeing my beetle imitations on the water. What can I do? Why did trout, after refusing countless dead drifts during a spinner fall, take my fly as I stripped it back to me? If you had to fish nymphs that only imitated one order of insects, which one would it be? If I simplify my nymph collection to more generic imitations, will I do as well as if I worry about imitating specific insects? What is the difference between a Comparadun and a Sparkle Dun and which one is better? If I have the same guide two days in a row, should I tip him or her both days? How many indicators should I carry for a day of fishing? Do you prefer the Helios 3 D or F model in a 9-foot, 5-weight rod? A fly shop owner told me not to submerge my reel. Was he right? What is the best way to store dry flies? A listener gives another good reason to always tie or buy three flies of the same pattern How can I eliminate wind knots in my dry dropper rig? What is the best way to fish in the surf?
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