The Ultimate Weekly Guide to a Sculpted Body at Age 40
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You CAN get that sculpted body you always wanted even in your 40s! Today’s episode is a special one for those guys who want to maintain their health as they hit 40 years old. As you get older, you need to push yourself beyond your limits without straining your body. You'll do just that with Troy Brown's secrets to health and longevity. You’ll get a complete weekly guide to crafting your body and staying at optimal health. Listen to this episode to hear detailed breakdowns of the daily exercises and nutrition plans you’ll need to transform your body in 12 weeks. Make health a priority in your life and set the example for your family by getting started today!   Get Up To $20 Off Your First Order Of Quality Fresh Meat Delivered Right To Your Door With truLOCAL! Just Use The Code JASMINE5293   “Good habits can be replaced with bad habits, but rituals will last you a lifetime.” -Troy Brown   Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes   Timestamps: 3:03 - How to develop your Mind-Muscle relationship and set the foundation for your body-sculpting journey 9:11 - Why you’re probably doing squats wrong and how you can fix them 13:25 - Your notebook is your best friend: A simple way to save yourself months of pain and frustration in the gym 18:47 - The Water Rule: Keep your body and mind healthy with these basics of nutrition and hydration 22:33 - Surprisingly simple activities to do every day to keep your body healthy and fit at age 40 27:04 - Challenge yourself and build self-confidence with this simple strategy, and you only need 3 days a week to do it! 31:23 - Take your health seriously! How to improve you and your family’s health for years to come 34:57 - Busy but looking to maintain your health? With Troy’s program, you’ll gain these 4 keys to mastering your fitness and nutrition even with a full calendar   Resources: Guv’na 12 Week Lean Body Transformation Program   Connect with Troy: Facebook Instagram Apex Physiques Email
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