63: What to Do When a Client Asks for Your RAW Files + WE'RE GOING ON A BREAK!
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Most photographers at one point or another have been hit with the dreaded question… “Hey, do you think you could send me the raw files from our shoot?!” It’s like a dagger in every photographer's heart… We’re immediately plagued with questions like… Did they hate the photos? Did they hate the editing? Did they hate the colors?! Do they hate ME?! It’s enough to make us spiral out of control. But it doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve experienced this question several times throughout my career and I’ve happily given clients my raw files, and I’ve happily NOT given clients my raw files. It’s a complicated question with so much to unpack, and it’s something many of my students in The Photographer’s Path have asked me about. So today I’m sharing my insight with you… Inside the episode you’ll find: Examples of what you can say when a client asks this question What this question really means about you as a photographer Advice on how to clearly communicate with your clients Tips on how to prevent this from happening again I’ve also got some big news I’m sharing in the episode as well ​News that involves our new social media course and how we’re gonna be approaching the podcast for the next two months... SIGN UP FOR THE WAITLIST FOR OUR SOCIAL MEDIA COURSE HERE  https://www.horizonfound.com/smc SIGN UP FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S PATH WAITLIST DOORS OPEN SPRING 2024: https://www.horizonfound.com/path GRAB OUR FREE MANUAL MODE CHEAT SHEET: https://resources.horizonfound.com/ FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/horizonfound JOIN THE HORIZON FOUND COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477523419716008/ WHAT'S YOUR SECRET PHOTOGRAPHY SUPERPOWER? TAKE THE QUIZ! https://horizonfound.com/quiz
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