38: Mass Media, Markets, and Human Malware: A Portal Q&A
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With this release, we try something a little different on The Portal. We begin an initiative to search for ways to feature members of the vibrant Portal sub-communities as part of the podcast itself, by requesting that listeners send in their questions around the prompt: “Mass media, markets, and human malware.”  The questions that came in were interesting and enlightening, and we hope that you may find the answers similarly useful. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new format as we continue to expand and experiment on The Portal. Hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks To Our Sponsors Blinkist: Get 25% off a Premium Membership and a 7-day free trial Blinkist.com/PORTAL Boll and Branch: Get FIFTY DOLLARS OFF any sheet set at Bollandbranch.com Code PORTAL ExpressVPN: Get an extra 3 months FREE on a one-year package ExpressVPN.com/PORTAL Athletic Greens: 20 FREE travel packs valued at $79 with your first purchase AthleticGreens.com/PORTAL
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