2099: The Magdalene Watchtowers
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In today’s episode, Brandon is pleasantly swarmed in the studio by four ladies buzzing with excitement after just returning home from producing a women’s retreat centered around the enigmatic biblical figure, Magdalene. In it, Roxanne Ruby, Emma Alexandra, Zoe Dane, and Damiana Loves share their thoughts on who Magdalene was, what she stands for, and why they believe her energetic essence is bubbling up in the collective to be more fully felt and understood at this pivotal moment in our collective evolution.   Connect with the Wathchtower women:   Zoe Dane www.instagram.com/zoedane   Damiana Loves instagram.com/damianalovesyou   Roxanne Ruby instagram.com/loverofthegarden   Emma Alexandra www.instagram.com/emmamedicina   Support the Watchtower Film Project at  www.gofundme.com/f/support-watchtower-a-mary-magdalene-film-project    
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