Soul-Share with Innovator, Jeff Karp
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Jeff is a Professor at Harvard Medical School and MIT and author of the new book LIT. In this episode, he discusses how we can spark ideas, ignite action, and learn from nature.   Care to play a game with the youniverse? Ask the universe the episode you would most benefit from hearing next and click  Download The Golden Key audio or e-book at GoldenKey.Gift with the Code: POSITIVEHEAD
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Ken is a revered philosopher, teacher, and author who is often referred to as the “Einstein of consciousness studies” who also happens to be the most widely translated academic writer in America. In this episode, he discusses the stages of consciousness development and how to discern between...
Published 05/23/24
Published 05/23/24
John is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. In this second visit to the podcast, he shares some new developments on his journey as well as insights as to how we can all begin to allow our souls to lead us to what is meant to unfold next on our personal path.   ...
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