Soul-Share with Dream Builder, Mary Morrissey (Flashback Episode)
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In today's episode, Brandon decides to jump into his time machine and share an episode from 2023.  In it, Mary is an author, empowerment specialist, and founder of the Brave Thinking Institute who has spent the last 40 years helping people to build their dreams by becoming “brave thinkers”. In this episode, she shares her miraculous healing story when she was given a terminal diagnosis at eighteen years old, how she went on to solidify her envisioning power while being trained alongside Wayne Dyer and Les Brown, and how she even manifested her vision of having tea with the Dali Lama.    Care to play a game with the youniverse? Ask the universe the episode you would most benefit from hearing next and click  Download The Golden Key audio or e-book at GoldenKey.Gift with the Code: POSITIVEHEAD
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