Think Bigger and Innovate w/ Sheena S. Iyengar
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This week Scott is joined by Columbia business professor Dr. Shena Lyengar on how we make choices and innovate. Scott and Sheena discuss the essential tools of becoming a good chooser, the neuroscience of creativity and innovation, and how outsiders can come into a field and become an expert in it. See for privacy information.
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Published 05/23/24
This week Scott is joined by Dr. Agnieszka Golec, the world’s expert on collective narcissism. Scott and Agnieszka dive deep into this relevant and rich topic, touching on the effects that this thinking has on broader society, how it has fanned the flames of populism around the world, and how it...
Published 05/23/24
This week Scott is joined by developmental psychologist Ellen Winner. Scott and Ellen discuss Ellen's views on IQ and giftedness, the myth that gifted children are gifted in all subject areas, and the importance of artistic giftedness. See for privacy information.
Published 05/16/24