Play Is Learning w/ Yumi Kendall
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This week Scott is joined by Assistant Principal Cellist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Yumi Kendall. They discuss classical music's role in human flourishing and human transcendence, how life changes once you're a mother, and the sublime coincidence of Yumi occupying the same chair as Scott's grandfather in the Philadelphia Orchestra.  2:01-The Suzuki Method 7:53-What Is A Waldorf Education? 12:19-Yumi's Crystalizing Experience With The Cello 15:59-What Does Talent Mean? 25:33-What Are The Characteristics Of A Creative Musician? 32:28-What Are Tiers Of Transcendence? 40:32-The Importance of Self Compassion 42:12-How Can We Cultivate Healthy Organizations? 48:59-How Motherhood Has Enriched Yumi's LifeSee for privacy information.
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This week Scott is joined by developmental psychologist Ellen Winner. Scott and Ellen discuss Ellen's views on IQ and giftedness, the myth that gifted children are gifted in all subject areas, and the importance of artistic giftedness. See for privacy information.
Published 05/16/24
Published 05/16/24
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