How To Be A Supercommunicator W/ Charles Duhigg
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This week Scott is joined by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and best selling author, Charles Duhigg. Scott and Charles discuss why some conversations succeed while others fail, the 3 main types of conversations, and how to be a supercommunicator.  Timestamps 2:15- How’d Charles Think of The Cover of his book? 3:33- Are there super communicator prodigies 6:40- When did Charles get interested in this topic? 8:29- What are the three types of conversations? 10:50- How can we apply super communication to politics? 18:23- People who disagree historically come together 20:36- Common mistakes people make when talking with each other 23:12- Are great therapists great super communicators? 25:01- What’s going on in “The Big Bang Theory” writer’s room? 33:51- How can you improve connection if you’re shy? 37:25- How can people who have trouble with social cues improve connection? See for privacy information.
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Published 05/16/24
Published 05/16/24
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