Q&A- Marrying Jewish, Financial Support & Pro-Life Arguments
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Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you : [email protected]   https://podcasts.ohr.edu/   00:00 Correction of nekudos from last week regarding Megillah.    01:03 How do we answer someone that asks “why should I marry a Jew?”?   5:30 Why do we have to repeat Shemona Esrei when we miss even one phrase or bracha?    10:29 Why are we not encouraged to put on tefillin at other times besides Shacharis?    15:45 Why can we kill things that are made through Chazal’s definition of spontaneous generation?    26:09 How do we understand Rashbi’s notion of 18,000 or 2 righteous people in Gemara Succah?   31:04 How do we navigate the Israel kashrus system compared to the American one (or otherwise)?   33:43 Why did Hashem create a man in the way he did with guilt of getting a free ride?   38:52 What are the different opinions about giving up land in order to make peace with Arabs and Palestinians?   47:53 What should a BT refer to himself as haskafically? Can I not just say shomer Torah mitzvos? Or do I have to say Haredi, etc? Am I locking myself out of tents? Would a certain girl avoid me due to a label?   51:09 Do we hold by ״we want Mashiach now”?    55:26 What is the source and halachic basis of married women wearing a headband as a head covering?   1:03:20 What is the level of Shmiras Eynaim according to Halacha today?   1:05:35 Why are there some Aramaic words that end up in the Chumash?   1:07:14 Where does the Sefer HaMitzvis Katzar get the age of 25 to not get married if a Bachur can’t afford that life?   1:10:31 When learning all day how does one transfer his learning from Binah to Da’as?    1:19:14 Regarding gilgul, is it possible for a kohen soul to be reincarnated to other tribes?   1:21:40 How does one maximize remembering the Torah they have learned?   1:23:40 Is the idea that 80% of the Jews died in the plague of darkness a universal teaching?   1:26:13 What is the rebbe’s opinion on Bnei Torah being supported by in-laws or parents?   1:34:48 In terms of the blessings and curses of the Torah, are we to view these as cause and effect or as reward in the actions themselves?   1:38:58 Does a Jew have an obligation to protest on the side of pro-life in the abortion argument?   Visit us @ ohr.edu   
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Published 06/26/22
Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you : [email protected]   https://podcasts.ohr.edu/   00:00 Clarification about R Aryeh Kaplan and use of drugs    00:58 Is there a source for wars being prevented for learning Torah?   07:05 What is an...
Published 06/23/22