What Are Clinical Trials and and How to Solve Its Biggest Challenges [Steve Galen]
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Steve Galen has been involved in clinical trials for more than 27 years now, in various high-level positions. In this podcast episode, he will explain the different stages of the clinical trials and point out the most severe deficiencies in the industry and how to overcome there. By listening to this episode of watching it, you will learn about: What is a clinical trial, and what's the main goal? What are the questions asked in clinical trials protocols? What are the parts of a clinical trial? How are those parts connected to the primary goal? What are the most common challenges with clinical trials nowadays? How can we make clinical trials more transparent and predictable? What are the goals of VC-funded biotech in early-stage clinical development versus pharma in later-stage clinical development, and how are these goals related to the primary purpose of a clinical trial? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Watch or read the full podcast and read the article at https://podcast.qualistery.com/what-are-clinical-trials-and-and-how-to-solve-its-biggest-challenges ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This episode is Sponsored by Dot Compliance, the industry’s first ready-to-use Quality Management Solution powered by the SalesForce platform. Implementation of a new eQMS has never been quicker nor easier. #Pharma #GMP #Pharmaceutical #Pharmaceuticalmanufacturing
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