Steps to Validating a Temperature Controlled Chamber [Nathan Roman]
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Are you looking to learn more about how to validate a temperature-controlled chamber?  Look no further! In this episode, we have Nathan Roman, one of the top experts in Temperature control mapping, to help us understand the different steps and regulations when validating a temperature-controlled chamber in the Health & Life Science industries. Nathan will share his knowledge on the need for temperature-controlled chambers, the various types of chambers, regulations, common mistakes to be avoided, and resources for keeping up with best practices Topics range from: What a temperature-controlled Chamber is, and why are those needed? What types of temperature-controlled chambers are available, Which regulations exist, which steps of the validation process are most challenging, What common mistakes during the validation to avoid? Plus, get recommendations for resources to stay current with regulations and best practices. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch or read the full podcast and read the article at: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This episode is Sponsored by Eupry, a provider of state-of-the-art environmental monitoring systems. Eupry supports the further development of a host of industries, including Laboratory, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Pharma, Food, and more, by providing efficient solutions to monitor temperature-sensitive assets. Join us on our webinars and visit our website for more GMP insights, tips, and resources. Don't miss out - follow Qualistery today! #Pharma #GMP #Pharmaceutical #Pharmaceuticalmanufacturing
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