Proven Methods to Getting Out of Debt (That Actually Work)
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With thousands of voices telling you how to handle your money (lookin’ at you, TikTok), it can start to feel overwhelming. The good news? Money doesn’t have to be like that. Today, I’ll talk about just five things you need to do to win with money. Plus, Jade Warshaw joins me in the studio, and you’ll hear an emotional moment from The Ramsey Show. What you get in this episode: How to Escape Debt at Any Income Level The Secret to Overcoming 6-Figure Debt 5 Ways to Achieve Financial Goals Helpful Resources:  Get Jade Warshaw’s new book, Money Is Not a Math Problem. Then, listen to how she paid off $460,000 in debt. Start budgeting for free with EveryDollar. Learn more about Christian Healthcare Ministries. Sponsors pay the producer of this show, The Lampo Group, LLC, advertising fees for mentioning their services or products during programming. Advertising fees are not based upon or otherwise tied to any product sale or business transacted between any consumer or sponsor. The following sponsors have paid for the programming you are viewing: Christian Healthcare Ministries. Learn more about your ad choices: Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy:
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