Money and Lifestyle Habits That Are Wasting Your Paycheck
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Want to pay off your debt faster? Stick around! This week, you’ll learn five ways to speed up your debt payoff. Plus, don’t miss my #1 tip for never running out of money before your next paycheck, and Nisha Vora joins me to share some of her favorite grocery shopping hacks and affordable, healthy recipes.   What you get in this episode: ·      Do this EVERY Time You Get Paid (Paycheck Routine) ·      Grocery Store Hacks That Save You Money (with Nisha Vora) ·      5 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Debt Payoff   Helpful Resources:  ·      Follow Nisha on Instagram at @rainbowplantlife ·      Watch my What Everybody Gets Wrong About Budgeting video. ·     Watch my 12 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half video. ·      Watch my How I Would Budget $3,600 a Month video. ·      Start budgeting for free with EveryDollar. ·      Learn more about Christian Healthcare Ministries. Sponsors pay the producer of this show, The Lampo Group, LLC, advertising fees for mentioning their services or products during programming. Advertising fees are not based upon or otherwise tied to any product sale or business transacted between any consumer or sponsor. The following sponsors have paid for the programming you are viewing: Christian Healthcare Ministries.   ·      Learn more about your ad choices: ·      Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy:
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