Clever Tips for Saving and Spending Anyone Can Use
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💵 Sign up for EveryDollar today. Create a free budget!  Show Description  Want to learn clever tricks for saving money? This week I’m sharing wealth building lessons that anyone can take advantage of. I’ll also show you four easy ways to save $1,000 and give you some fun date night ideas that won’t break the bank!   In this episode: ·      3 Wealth-Building Hacks Anyone Can Use ·      4 Ways to Easily Save $1,000 in a Month ·      5 Cheap Date Nights You’ll Actually Want to Go On Next Steps 🏡 Find out how much house you can afford with Ramsey’s Mortgage Calculator: 📈 Track your investment progress with Ramsey’s Investment Calculator: 🍎 Check out my Groceries Saving Guide: 💲 Find extra money with the 14-Day Money Finder: ✅ Create a monthly budget with EveryDollar: 💸 Find out how to make wise financial choices for your family with Financial Peace University:   Offers from Today's Sponsors 🏥 Learn more about Christian Healthcare Ministries.   Listen to more from Ramsey Network 🎙️ The Ramsey Show   🧠 The Dr. John Delony Show 🍸 Smart Money Happy Hour 💡 The Rachel Cruze Show 💸 The Ramsey Show Highlights 💰 George Kamel 💼 The Ken Coleman Show 📈 EntreLeadership Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy
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💵 Sign up for EveryDollar today. Create a free budget!   In this week’s episode, I unpack the ins and outs of wealth-building, financial self-care, and savvy grocery shopping. I give my honest opinions on the 7 Baby Steps, guide you through a financial self-care routine that’ll help you build a...
Published 05/20/24
Published 05/20/24
💵 Sign up for EveryDollar today - Create a free Budget! Sometimes, you have to wonder, “When did things get so expensive?” In this episode, find out how to keep inflation from ruining your budget, including tips on: -             Feeding your family for less than $100 in a...
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