Layne Norton: Demystifying Nutrition Research, Bone Crushing Consistency, and Why You Should Date Not Marry Your Beliefs
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A self-proclaimed nerd who lifts heavy things, Layne has completed with honors both a BS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. As an innovator in the fitness industry, Layne helped popularize flexible dieting and online nutrition coaching/contest prep. He has worked with countless clients and hundreds of competitors, many attaining pro status. Since moving away from online coaching Layne has written several books, developed the Carbon Diet nutritional coaching app, and created a number of certification courses. In 2016 Layne co-founded and launched the Biolayne Workout Builder subscription platform, and more recently, he launched Outwork Nutrition, an evidence-based supplement company.Layne has made it his mission in life to demystify nutrition research. He has become a trusted source of solid information for us and the entire staff of The Ready State.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by Momentous, a leading high performance lifestyle company making the best supplements and sports nutrition products for individuals looking to optimize all parts of their lives. Kelly is always chasing his daily protein target so his go-to snack is Icelandic yogurt with Momentous Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder mixed in. Add a chopped apple and he has a delicious chocolate or vanilla protein bomb. Kelly especially loves this protein because it contains ProHydrolase, an enzyme blend that aids digestion and makes it way easier on your stomach. Go to and use code TRS for 20% OFF your first purchase.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by ChiliSleep. Juliet is obsessed with her Sleepme weighted blanket. The problem with a traditional weighted blanket is that halfway through the night she wakes up and must throw it off because she is 1000º. The Sleepme weighted blanket is temperature controlled so Juliet can set it to the temperature she prefers and stay cool all night long. Which means her sleep quality, density, and quantity have all improved. Head over to to learn more and save on the purchase of any new Cube, OOLER or Dock Pro Sleep System. There is an offer available exclusively for The Ready State Podcast listeners -- and only for a limited time!
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