Fractional Hiring
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With continuing skills shortages and massive disruption to how and where work is done, it is not surprising to see innovation as employers start to think differently about talent. Fractional hiring is rising and has some significant benefits to employers and employees. But what is it, how does it work, and how is it different from traditional interim and contract hiring? My guest this week is Matt Widdoes, CEO of Mavan. Mavan is a globally dispersed network of specialized former growth leaders at iconic tech brands working fractionally, and Matt has some unique insights to share on this growing trend. In the interview, we discuss: What is fractional hiring? Recruiting as the key to growth The current state of the talent market Specialist talent as a resource that can be turned on and off Benefits for organizations and the implications for the career development of individuals The mindset shift employers need to make to use fractional working successfully.  Decentralized talent pools The kind of roles that can be fractional How is fractional different from interim and contract? What does the future of work look like Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
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