#32 Carbon sequestration and current research on alley cropping with Eric Toensmeier
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Eric Toensmeir is the author of The Carbon Farming Solution among other great books on agroforestry and perennial crops. The first part of the interview is focused on understanding the carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry, focusing especially on silvopasture. We then move on to discussing the challenges we are faced with to shift towards a more perennial diet. Finally we explore with him the research on alley cropping he is carrying out on the behalf of Interlace Commons : where it makes most sense and what prevents its uptake.   TABLE OF CONTENTS 01:38 Introduction 04:32 Are trees necessarily the solution to store carbon?  10:40 Intensively managed rotational grazing & Carbon storage  15:57 Why does silvopasture store so much carbon?  34:29 How can we shift culture towards a perennial diet?  40:33 Can we make perennially fed livestock affordable?  44:03 Mechanisation of perennial systems 51:14 Research on Alley-cropping 55:56 Where is alley cropping really adapted?  01:10:51 Motives for adopting alley cropping 01:13:03 Factors limiting uptake  01:25:07 Factoring in climatic uncertainty   • RESOURCES http://www.perennialsolutions.org/ https://www.patreon.com/erictoensmeier http://carbonfarmingsolution.com/ https://www.interlacecommons.org/ • GET IN TOUCH www.regenerativeagroforestry.org • SUPPORT US www.gumroad.com/regenagroforestry • FOLLOW US on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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