Jamie Bamber - Charming Tom Hanks - Getting Bollocked By Wahlberg & Sexually Harassed By A Brazilian Fan!
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We're honoured to be joined by multi-award winning TV and Film star Jamie Bamber to hear about his incredible career on the big screen - from Band of Brothers to Battlestar Gallactica he's done it all. He also happens to be a resident of Stockwell so we hear about his thoughts on; Clapham, Chariots Spa in Vauxhall, Kiss Chase, getting weird sexual messages from a Brazilian fan, how he deals with his 'fan-club' 'The Bamber Bunnies', Damian Lewis's album, working with Tom Hanks and Spielberg, getting into a ruccus with Walhlberg and falling in love with Michael Fassbender plus much more.... Plus for the first time in months we're back with 'Club House Stories' and yes its hilarious and yes it involves - Welsh men, poo and a night out in Cardiff! ------------------ CHANGE YOUR LIFE AROUND WITH ATHLETIC GREENS - GET A FREE 1 YEAR SUPPLY OF VITAMIN D AND 5 FREE AG TRAVEL PACKS BY CLICKING HERE - drinkAG1.com/rigbiz GET 8 FREE BEERS & SNACKS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK HERE - https://www.beer52.com/rigbiz
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