Will Greenwood - Debagging Alastair Campbell, Insulting The Queen & The Terrifying Day He Nearly Died!
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We're back for the Six Nations and who better to start the series off with than the legendary, World Cup winner; Will Greenwood. Will is on incredible form as he shares with us some hilarious stories from; the day Alistair Campbell got de-bagged in front of the world's media in NZ, when one of his teammates nearly committed treason by insulting the Queen at Buckingham palace, the terrifying story behind the day he nearly died playing for the Lions vs South Africa (resulting in 4 days unconscious in intensive care), what Johnny Wilkinson was really like on a night out (you may be surprised), how he was the 'original' CEO of Clapham and his journey to professionalism, his new found love for drinking beer out of an Octabong and so much more..... Plus, we have a full preview on the upcoming Six Nations. -------------------- We're going on our UK tour this month - please come along and see us live in; London - 14th Feb - Jason Fox Leeds - 15th Feb - Ryan Sidebottom Oxford - 20th Feb - Tom Varndell Bristol - 21st Feb - Dave Flatman Get Your Tickets Here -  https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/rig-biz-uk-tour-february-2930289
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