Giannis, Harden, and Luka Have Broken PER. Plus: Are the Raptors the 1993-94 Bulls? | The Mismatch
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The high-usage superstars of the league have all become so dominant and efficient that they’re in line to break historical PER records. Do we need to adjust the record books to reflect the 3-point era (3:00)? Plus: The Pacers have righted the ship while the Jazz haven’t, and the Raptors are more legitimate than anyone could’ve predicted (18:30). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
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CC and Ryan are joined by All-NBA point guard Kemba Walker to discuss how he’s adjusted to the Orlando bubble (11:58), New York basketball (25:13), his relationship with Michael Jordan, and the Celtics’ playoff hopes (48:53). This episode originally ran on the R2C2 feed. Hosts: CC Sabathia and...
Published 08/08/20
Verno and KOC discuss the Portland Trail Blazers’ strong push for the playoffs (1:18), the Phoenix Suns’ surprising run (17:54), and the jockeying for seeding in the Western Conference (43:39). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Published 08/07/20
'Group Chat' returns to talk about the excitement in the NBA bubble, including the Rockets–Trail Blazers barn burner and the return of Carmelo Anthony (01:29); the Phoenix Suns' excellent game and whether or not they're legitimate contenders for the eighth seed (23:44); and lastly, in the Nerd...
Published 08/05/20