Let’s debunk manifesting 💫 these are the missing steps you need to know
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‘Manifesting is just woo woo, you can’t think your thoughts into reality’ Let’s break down why this statement isn’t true & why manifesting is the secret behind how SO many people have built their dream reality ✨ We’ve spoken a lot on this poddy about what manifesting is, but in today’s chat we are giving you the actual steps you need so you can get anything your heart desires… There’s so much information out there, but today you’re going to hear the formula G has been using & testing for 6 years, that is the very reason she wakes up every day feeling like her life is a dream… You can find our website here.  You can join our Facebook group here.  You can download our Ebook here.  The Rise & Conquer Project is coming back for round 5 & the cart opens on July 4th. Click here to find out more information about the Rise and Conquer Project, our 7 week self-development and manifesting course. AD/ Want to elevate your day and fuel your workouts naturally? Use ‘Riseandconquerpodcast’ at checkout for 10% off your order at www.nakedharvestsupplements.com  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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