The Fighting Temeraire Epidode 10!
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The final chapter of my personal commentary of my book The Fighting Temeraire, where we find out how JMW Turner immortalised this ship in the nation's favourite painting.
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My personal commentary on my book the Fighting Temeraire, which tells the story of the ship in JMW Turner's most famous painting The Fighting Temeraire. We are up to chapter 9! This is entitled The Retired Temeraire and tells the story of how the Temeraire finished up her active service in the...
Published 08/13/17
This chapter in my book takes us up to a fascinating period in the life of HMS Temeraire, the ship immortalised in Turner's painting The Fighting Temeraire. The aftermath of the Battle of Trafalgar of 1805 is not well known. From May 1809-August 1811 HMS Temeraire served in the Baltic as part an...
Published 08/04/17
This chapter brings the story of HMS Temeraire, the famous ship in JMW Turner's painting 'The Fighting Temeraire', up to 1805 and her heroics at the battle of Trafalgar where she won yet another layer of fame.
Published 06/30/17