Robert Davi: The GOP Are Like Dead Fish On Messaging
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Conservatives have better ideas on a wide range of issues but the left is far better at messaging and end up convincing more people. So what can conservatives do about it? Sara welcomes acclaimed singer and actor Robert Davi to discuss why the left is so adept at indoctrination and why the right is constantly fumbling its public messaging. Sara also throws some cold water on the new United Nations report on climate change that suggests we're pretty much doomed and addresses new technology that Apple is using to identify people trafficking in child pornography. She loves the idea of detecting and arresting child predators but is also worried about what else Apple could be tracking on our devices. Will our political speech and other expressed beliefs as well? Please visit our great sponsors: My Pillow Wrap yourself in the 6-Piece towel set for only $39.99. Only with promo code Carter. Limited time only. The Association of Mature American Citizens The benefits of membership are great, but the cause is even greater. Tunnels 2 Towers During this 20th anniversary year of 9/11, help America to NEVER FORGET. Donate $11/month to Tunnel to Towers at
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