Afghanistan: 'The U.S. Just Caved In' and Abandoned Our Allies
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Sara takes us on a deeply personal journey through the unfolding collapse of the Afghan government and the return of the Taliban to power after 20 years of war. Sara tells us what she is hearing from the loyal Afghans who risked their lives to assist the U.S. and are now being left to beg for a flight out of the country or avoid slaughter from the Taliban. She also explains how the Biden administration could have executed the withdrawal so much more effectively, how many people in the U.S. and Afghanistan got very rich while our troops and Afghan allies did the heavy lifting and spilled their blood. Finally, Sara tells us how she is still hoping to rescue the people who protected her and worked alongside her during her many trips to Afghanistan. Please visit our great sponsors: My Pillow Wrap yourself in the 6-Piece towel set for only $39.99. Only with promo code Carter. Limited time only. The Association of Mature American Citizens The benefits of membership are great, but the cause is even greater. Tunnels 2 Towers During this 20th anniversary year of 9/11, help America to NEVER FORGET. Donate $11/month to Tunnel to Towers at Universal Coin Visit online or call 1-800-UCB-GOLD for a no-cost no-obligation Gold Info Kit.
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