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It’s what you’ve been waiting for -- an update on Rory’s shaving habits! Hear about Rory’s latest handyman feat and find out how Sarah’s vegan diet is going. Sarah takes calls from someone with a unique view on healthcare and a fan of Sarah’s Christmas song “Give the Jew Girl Toys.” Sarah also shares how she handles her anxiety, her thoughts on a nudist partner, and answers the question, “Is it okay to share with your partner someone else’s secret told to you?” Leave Sarah a voicemail: https://www.kastmedia.com/MessageSarah Please support our sponsors: SimpliSafe just launched their new Wireless Outdoor Security Camera. Visit https://www.Simplisafe.com/Silverman to get 30% off your entire new system and your first month of monitoring service FREE, when you enroll in Interactive Monitoring. The Way Out is a groundbreaking book that introduces a new mind-body approach to healing chronic pain. The Way Out is available wherever books are sold. Chime is an award-winning app and debit card that has saved its members more than $10 billion in overdraft fees with SpotMe fee-free overdraft. Get started today at https://www.chime.com/SARAH.  Design like a pro with Canva Pro! Right now, you can get a FREE 45-day extended trial when you go to https://www.Canva.me/SARAH. Follow Sarah on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sarahkatesilverman and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SarahKSilverman. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Published 11/25/21
The submissions came rolling in for "Rory’s Side of the Albanese,” this week! Take a listen to hear Sarah’s favorites, and let her know your favorite by commenting in the review section.  Sarah also discusses click bait and a recent article claiming Tony Shalhoub “slams” Sarah!  Then, she...
Published 11/18/21
Published 11/18/21