Ryland Got HACKED... Again.
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On today's episode of The sip, Ryland gets HACKED, Lizze details her weekend trip to Mammoth, and the two think they're *NEW* people following the solar eclipse... PLUS, new menu items at McDonalds and Viewer voicemails!!! 
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On today's episode of The Sip, Lizze details being tortured at a luxurious spa for a prenatal massage while Ryland recaps his birthday weekend and talks about his kids starting solid foods. PLUS... The Sip crew is joined by mama Adams to taste test the new 'Grandma McFlurry' at McDonald's! 
Published 05/22/24
Go to http://stitchfix.com/sip to get started today!  On today’s episode of The Sip, Lizze and Chris surprise Ryland for his birthday! Lizze’s had a s****y week (literally) and the crew heads to wienerschnitzel to taste EVERYTHING on the menu!
Published 05/15/24