What Happened When the World Stopped Traveling
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Earlier this week we published The Oral History of March 2020: The Month Global Travel Shut Down, a feature that looked at March 2020 from the perspective of two dozen travel leaders. These people shared their personal stories of pain, shock, and of resilience as borders closed, airplanes went empty, and hotel doors shuttered. To get a sense of what things were like from many angles we captured voices as varied as Expedia’s CEO and the manager of a Holiday Inn Express in Wuhan, China. This episode of the Skift Podcast is hosted by Skift Senior Multimedia Producer Jose Marmolejos who is joined by Skift CEO Rafat Ali, Editor-in-Chief Tom Lowry, Executive Editor Dennis Schaal, and Global Tourism Reporter Lebawit Lily Girma. Read more about how the travel industry is rebuilding at https://skift.com/tag/coronavirus-recovery
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Published 01/09/23