Sonder’s Secret Tech Sauce to Sell More Rooms
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While hospitality company Sonder has a complex digital strategy in place to fill its properties, what it really wants is for its mostly Gen Z and millennial guests to brag about their cool stays on social media. Sonder describes itself as a next-generation hospitality company, and its R&D budget is wide-ranging, with marketing a key focus, according to its senior vice president of revenue. “We have a very omnichannel approach to distribution, whether its sales or third-party distribution, things like Airbnb and,” said Sonder's Shruti Challa, speaking at the Skift Future of Lodging Forum in May 2022. Challa speaks with Skift's Seth Borko at the Skift Future of Lodging Forum in New York City in May 2022. You can listen to their entire conversation in today's episode. For more insight into the business of hotels and short-term rentals, visit
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