028: Change Starts in Your Own Backyard with Kelsey Jorissen
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This episode will help answer the questions "How do I know if a farmer is raising their livestock responsibly?" "What kind of meat should I be buying for my family?" "Is organic really the best?" "Is there a way to honor animals and still be a meat eater?" "What if I want to homestead and my partner doesn't?" And a whole lot more!  I want to introduce you to my favorite "Farmher", my friend Kelsey Jorissen! Kelsey is an Enneagram 3, former actor/filmographer turn photographer turned lover of backyard chickens, organic farming, and leading a sustainable life! It's always inspiring to hear each other's stories and Kelsey's is no exception.  And look out! There is a new Small Queendom Podcast game being introduced: MASH!!!!!   Enjoy! XO- Leah #Packagingfortheplanet: Join the movement The Holistic Home eBOOK: Learn More & Purchase Here! Kelsey's Insta: instagram.com/kelseyjorissen  Kelsey's Website: greenwillowhomestead.com Kelsey's Podcast: Positively Green Podcast Leah’s Insta: instagram.com/smallqueendom    Leah’s site: www.smallqueendom.com                   Leah's Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/smallqueendom/ Leah’s Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SmallQueendom/   
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