049: Staycation - AKA How to Enjoy Where You Live!
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Would you believe that I spent 15+ years of my life HATING the area I lived in, then one day I actually decided to get out in my community and take advantage of what it had to offer...SPOILER ALERT: I have fallen in love.   Today's episode is walking you through a brainstorm to create a top 10 list of "Must See/Do" for your area and then get out there and do it! Sometimes taking a trip or vacation isn't an option and staying one more day at home is no bueno either, I hope this episode inspires you to become a tourist in your own hometown.   Did you make your top 10 list? Share it with me over on Instagram and tag me @smallqueendom  ANNOUNCEMENT:  After episode 50 airs I will be taking a slight break this summer from releasing weekly episodes, but do not fear: Season 2 of the podcast will return late July/early August. Be sure to click the SUBSCRIBE button to be notified when the new episodes drop.  FEEDBACK: During the break I will be creating new content. I would LOVE to hear from YOU! Drop me an email, DM, or leave a review on Apple Podcasts and tell me your favorite episode or a topic you would like to hear more on!   email: [email protected]      Leah's Insta: instagram.com/smallqueendom Leah's Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/smallqueendom/ Leah's Website: www.smallqueendom.com  **Do you want to buy essential oils? I'd love to help you out there. Send me a quick message about what you're looking for and I will be glad to help you! Referrals always welcome!  [email protected]     
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