50: The Best of Season 1
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Lots to celebrate here on the podcast!  This is the 50th episode, the podcast has it's 1st birthday this week, we are officially streaming in 60 countries and counting and just getting started!      I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and visit our most popular episodes with a soundbite.  Today's episode will feature Episode 37 with Dr. Nicole LePera, Episode 19 when I shared my personal story, Episode 8 with Beth McCord and the Enneagram, Episode 45 with Jared Moon in Nepal, and Episode 14 with Megan Knorpp. Enjoy!!   **Important!** Would you take 2 minutes to fill out the podcast listener sturvey? This feedback will help me as I create and plan content for season 2. Find it here: https://forms.gle/A1EcGeag5qH9jyzx7        ---Don't forget I will be taking a short break from regular episodes, but I will be back in August with Season 2! Hit that SUBCRIBE button to get all the notifications!      Stay Strong, Be Kind!    instagram.com/smallqueendom
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Adam is back on the show and we give you the play by play of our Disney trip! It's another long episode, but we tried to give some tips for all of the other non-disney families considering taking their first trip.  We had a wonderful time and talk about our highlights from each park, Animal...
Published 11/25/19
Published 11/25/19
Finally, Adam (my hubby) is here on the show! We are here for a sit down to jam on our marriage, our strengths, parenting in light of our favorite tool for personal growth, the Enneagram. Adam is a 5, The Investigator/Observer and Leah is a 3, The Achiever.  We think a 5 and a 3 is a powerful...
Published 11/18/19