I hit a huge milestone for the podcast and why it makes me want to podcast more!
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I launched this podcast to help people understand what is happening in the ocean and how they can help so I can stay connected to the ocean and its conservation. But I did not know that I would reach this many people when I started and it makes me want to do more in science communication.   In this episode, I am going to tell you the milestone I hit and why I want to continue to do the podcast...and how I would like to expand my reach through other platforms.   Sign up to find out about the audio Ocean Conservation Careers members group: https://bit.ly/38ak7Z8   Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/3NmYvsI Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: https://bit.ly/3fOF3Wf Instagram: https://bit.ly/3rIaJSG Twitter: https://bit.ly/3rHZxpc 
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