Happy Hour: Platinum Preppy WA, Kiroku Stained Glass PET tape, and CTFJ x Momoro
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Welcome to the Stationery Cafe Happy Hour, April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletters get together to talk about the latest in the stationery community. This week, Kelly and April look through the new 'WA' collection from Platinum Preppy and decide which one they like the most. We talk about new shop items like Kiroku's stained glass PET tape and CTFJ x Momoro wood stamp collaboration. April shares her recent haul of Miki Tamura colored washi tape, and Kelly buys another pen. 
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Welcome to The Stationery Cafe Happy Hour! This week, April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletter talk about the latest in the stationery community. We admired The Superior Labor's new Autumn and New Year collections, as well as Pilot's interesting dark paper notebooks: Couleur...
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