How is it that charities are having to step in to help people falling through the net in a country with dental healthcare for all?
Published 10/13/17
For our third and final episode in this series of Camera Off, we hear the story of Alex Trenchard, the aristocrat who was once a pageboy for the queen and came from a wealthy family but who went to prison for stealing more than a quarter of a million pounds from Tesco to fund his own music festival
Published 09/09/16
Camera Off brings you the touching story of Granny, the oldest serving volunteer at the Samaritans helpline and former teacher at a finishing school. She’s about as British as you can get, but Granny has a secret that casts a long shadow. A shadow that crosses eight decades, hides forgotten names and takes Granny back to her long-lost family home
Published 09/01/16
Camera Off is the new mini series from The Story, our podcast dedicated to bringing you great documentaries, investigation and long-form storytelling.In this first episode we hear the powerful tale of Chris and Michael brought together across generations, cultures and continents through the strange twists and turns of mental illness, hallucinations, and love
Published 08/25/16
Johnny Perez looks back on his time in solitary confinement, during which he questioned his sense of reality
Published 05/05/16
Five Omar Mualimm-ak was in solitary confinement for five years in one consecutive period. He describes how it affected his mental health
Published 05/04/16
Victor Pate describes the fear he experienced in solitary confinement, where he spent two years
Published 05/03/16
Tyrrell Muhammad talk of his seven years in solitary confinement, where he experienced psychotic episodes and felt like he would never get out
Published 05/02/16
Dolores Caneles was put in solitary confinement for nine months after being caught with drugs. Her son now is in solitary confinement. She explains how she survived her period of isolation
Published 05/01/16
Steven Czifra describes how he coped with solitary confinement by reading and drawing. But eight years in solitary led Steven to become violent, even attempting suicide
Published 04/30/16
Marcell Neal talks about his experience of solitary confinement, his feelings of paranoia and the fact that he missed the birth of his daughter
Published 04/29/16
Craig Haney and Terry Kupers explain why solitary confinement causes psychological damage
Published 04/28/16
As part of the Guardian’s 6x9 project looking at life in a prison isolation cell, Gary Younge discusses the practice of solitary confinement in the US and considers the possible ways out
Published 04/27/16
The Story is the brand new podcast strand from the Guardian - where you’ll find documentaries, investigations and long form storytelling at its finest.
Published 04/06/16