Canada's Deep Dark Orange Secret
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A history we will struggle to come to terms with. Their influence in Canadian society very well kept us from being American - but it would come at a heavy cost.
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In 1819, John Franklin led 22 men on a journey that would claim 11 of their lives. The North would pay him back in 1845 - taking his life.
Published 07/26/21
What was the fate of the Vikings in the Arctic? Death laid around every corner. The Vikings would be the first Europeans into the North, but they would not be the last...
Published 07/19/21
With a hungry American wolf to the South, and an apathetic Crown across the sea, Canada set out to try to define itself. Confederation - like all Canadian history - is complex at its core. This land has 2 very unique perspectives and history. Regardless of the narrative in 2021, the world is a...
Published 07/01/21