No Canada, No Arnie
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The history of how 2 brothers from Montreal changed the world of fitness and American culture forever.
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With a hungry American wolf to the South, and an apathetic Crown across the sea, Canada set out to try to define itself. Confederation - like all Canadian history - is complex at its core. This land has 2 very unique perspectives and history. Regardless of the narrative in 2021, the world is a...
Published 07/01/21
Big Forge Blacksmithing is out of Northern Ontario. Self-taught blacksmith, David Pinn, joined The Supper to talk about his journey in blacksmithing. From almost burning down his uncle's house to making amazing blades.
Published 06/21/21
Canada invented what?! Tractors, bras, the lightbulb, the telephone, bloody peanut butter! You're welcome, world.
Published 06/14/21