Let's Talk About Confederation
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With a hungry American wolf to the South, and an apathetic Crown across the sea, Canada set out to try to define itself. Confederation - like all Canadian history - is complex at its core. This land has 2 very unique perspectives and history. Regardless of the narrative in 2021, the world is a better place with Canada in it.
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How can the world's most beloved bear be created out of the hell of war?
Published 09/06/21
After 14 years in exile, Louis Riel is once against asked to engage the Canadian machine on behalf of his people. This time, he is joined by a man forged from the land they are defending - Gabriel Dumont. Riel comes North with a new divine calling that may cost him everything.
Published 08/23/21
In 1869, Louis is faced with the task of leading his people in the face of hunger. Canadians pushing into a land they just purchased. It all comes to a head with the killing of an Orangeman.
Published 08/16/21