TFP 219: Tennis Specific Movement Training and Recovery with Dean Hollingworth
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On Episode 219 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll hear part two of my conversation with strength and conditioning coach Dean Hollingworth about the five biggest tennis fitness training mistakes that amateur players make. Dean has over twenty-five years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach. He has established himself as a highly regarded author, speaker, and fitness and performance consultant. Dean published the Baselinepower video series, which addresses all aspects of fitness training for tennis players. Dean’s work with world-class athletes has given him a deep understanding of the requirements and balance for high performance, helping the athletes he works with develop all facets of athleticism. Dean is currently the Director of fitness and sports performance at Club Sportif Cote-de-Liesse in Montréal, where he works primarily with high performance tennis players.  On the show, you’ll learn how to train your on-court movement, why you should avoid wasting your time with non tennis-specific exercises (even if they look cool), the best exercises for balance and power generation, why trying to create power on an unstable surface is counterproductive, why you should try doing the dynamic warm-up without shoes, the most important elements of recovery, tools to help you recover faster for your next match or practice, and much more! Dean offers tennis specific fitness classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 12 noon Eastern time. And they are online so you can participate from anywhere in the world! To join, contact Dean on Instagram or his website (see contact info/links below). I hope you enjoy my interview with Dean! Let us know what you think about this episode in the comments below! And be sure to subscribe to Tennis Files to receive the latest tennis content to improve your game straight to your inbox! Dean’s Instagram ITPA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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