41: Royally screwed
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Mike and Matt drill down into the car crash TV event of the year; Emily Maitlis' interrogation of His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew. Enjoy. The sounds in the background are not the sounds of the Prince digging himself out of an enormous hole... Matt has the builders in! Follow the lads on Twitter: @IROMG and @TheNewEuropean while the podcast is: @ThoughtPoliceTP. Email questions or comments to: thoughtpolicepod@gmail.com and subscribe from your favourite podcast provider so you never miss an episode!  
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Published 12/12/19
The election is almost upon us but before we get to it, there's some other business to dispense with. Mike and Matt discuss losing your voice, being roped in to going to the panto, buying Christmas trees, the perils of Christmas party season and Robert Kilroy Silk. What more do you need to get...
Published 12/10/19
Mike and Matt return with a look at what might happen next week as the people prepare to head to the polls to decide the next Prime Minister. They discuss the shoddy state of politics in the UK and why there are so few decent candidates to vote for, while Matt  shares the details of working on an...
Published 12/05/19