Chris Romer-Lee, Thames Baths
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Have you ever dreamed of swimming in the Thames? Well, this week's guest is trying to make it happen! Chris Romer-Lee is co-founder of architects Studio Octopi and a regular swimmer at the Serpentine Lido in London. He’s also the CEO of Thames Baths, a project which has proposed a floating lido on the Thames. The design has received plenty of public support (including none other than artist Tracey Emin) as well as a successful crowdfunding campaign.  Chris is also involved in many new projects to save lidos around the country and bring swimming to more people, especially in urban spaces. I’m so inspired by his vision is to inspire people in cities around the world to reclaim their rivers for swimming and increased public use. In this episode, we chatted about the Thames Baths project, the history of swimming in the Thames and how we might’ve lost contact with the river beneath our feet. Plus, we chat about the playful idea of a pool on the back of a truck. I hope you enjoy this episode!  Follow: @freybromley #TheTidalYear  @chrisromerlee @ThamesBaths Explore the Thames Baths design at  Thanks to this episode’s sponsor TRIHARD. Say goodbye to chlorine and shop their skin and hair products at 15% off with the code Tidal at See for privacy and opt-out information.
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