Ep#27: New Product Development: A New and Evolved Approach to Managing NPD Projects
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Ensuring fast NPD or New Product Development is one of the most important activities for any organization to sustain and grow. However, despite implementing the latest project management software and techniques, interruptions, rework, and lead-times for project completion remains high in environments with very high scope variability. Many CCPM implementations fail as well. This episode on the Counterpoint Podcast is an introduction to a whole new approach for managing NPD projects better. Satya has used many examples and case studies to help bring clarity to this new methodology. Tune in! View the presentation at: https://bit.ly/30WKkHo Read for knowing more about implementing this method in pharma drug development: https://www.vectorconsulting.in/research-publications/consumer-goods-and-retail/generic-drug-development-the-prescription-for-success/
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