Ep#28 Retail Environments: Solving the Last Mile Obstacle for Go-To Market Strategy
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The retail solution that Vector Consulting Group has implemented for its clients allows them to enjoy phenomenal growth in secondary sales. However, this pull-based replenishment flow system often hits a new saturation point every so often, which calls for a shift in the approach to unlock the next growth area. This episode on the Counterpoint Podcast is the first part of a two-episode series on this topic. Sunil Davis, a senior consultant with Vector will first unravels how and why the market reaches such sales saturation points and then discusses the steps companies need to take in such situations, to reach for and achieve the next leap in sales performance. Tune in! For some interesting details visit: https://www.vectorconsulting.in/blog/pull-solution-for-distribution-and-sales/sailing-the-last-mile/
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In the previous episode of this series, we discussed the challenges and probable pitfalls of implementing a pull distribution strategy as against a conventional push system. We left off the discussion at the end of the pilot phase. In this episode, we chart out the journey from the end of the...
Published 01/19/22
Published 01/19/22
Why is it that even though many companies realise that there is significant sales loss because they are not available in the huge number of small outlets, they still do not try for direct distribution of the full market? Is it really possible? Why is it that the industry conventionally uses...
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