Donald Trump is going to be the 2024 GOP nominee… AND Guest host Paul Gleiser is here to explain why it’s time to get on board
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Jimmy Failla is off to Idaho Falls for the first stop on the ‘Everybody Calm Down’ Tour, so we made a call to the bullpen and asked KTBB’s Paul Gleiser to guest host Fox Across America. Paul tells us why despite his initial doubts about former President Trump being the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, it’s now time to get on board with his candidacy and focus on the general election. Arizona Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko joins Paul to talk about how Americans aren’t buying President Biden’s attempts to blame GOP lawmakers for the crisis at the U.S. Southern border. American Conservative Values ETF President Tom Carter shares his thoughts on what Republicans can do to avoid supporting companies that don’t align with their values. RNC National Spokesperson Madison Gesiotto Gilbert discusses how voters are fed up with the policies implemented by the Biden administration. PLUS, co-host of “The Big Money Show” Taylor Riggs stops by to break down why Americans aren’t feeling the financial relief Biden claims his administration’s policies have brought on. [00:00:00] Paul’s monologue on supporting Trump as the GOP nominee [00:19:45] Rep. Debbie Lesko [00:38:03] Callers on Trump and the 2024 election [00:50:13] Tom Carter [00:56:35] Madison Gesiotto Gilbert [01:14:50] More callers on Trump vs. Biden [01:33:10] Taylor Riggs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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