Bitcoin In The Cradle Zone
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Bitcoin is the chart that has my attention right now with a nice pullback into the moving average cradle zone. Cryptotraders and bitcoin investors will be watching this level to see if we can continue our daily up-trend. ETH is looking weak, DOT, BNB, XLM, XRP, BCH and many of the others within the crypto top-10 need a push higher to set the daily trends back into upward motion. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Today I took ownership of my boat. It's been a goal that I have shared with you all for quite some time and it feels good. Crypto and Bitcoin have been a big part of me achieving this goal and so have you and my team so I thank you all. The top-10 was down all bar ADA yesterday and today I hope...
Published 08/04/21
The whole crypto market has had a good run of late and cryptotraders and investors are keen for more upside. With BTC, ETH, DOT, BNB, XRP, UNI, BCH, and many more currently pulling back, will this lead to a new higher low followed by a higher high, or are we headed to the deep south? See...
Published 08/03/21
Bitcoin looks as though it has found the upper side of the channel it is in. I wouldn't be surprised to see a pullback now. $41,000 is resistance, can we break it this time around? ETH, DOT, BNB, UNI, BCH, LTC, DOGE, and ADA are all fairly messy. XRP had a good push higher yesterday and I am...
Published 07/29/21