72. Explore Roatán with Pam: Luxe Escape On Points & Miles at Kimpton Grand
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Ever wondered how a tropical vacation to Roatán might feel, but worried about the cost? Or maybe you’re wondering where Roatán even is! Well, buckle up and grab a piña colada because Pam just returned from an unforgettable adventure to Roatán, and she’s here to spill all the details on how she did it on points and miles. This will be the next tropical vacation on your dream list list!  Hey, it’s us, the Travel Mom Squad—Pam, Jess, and Alex—and in today’s episode, we’re taking a deep dive into Pam’s recent journey to the beautiful island of Roatán, located off the coast of Honduras. Pam, fresh off the plane, is bursting with stories from her three-generational trip with her daughter and granddaughter. From their luxurious stay at the Kimpton Grand Roatán to exploring the island's lush landscapes and vibrant coral reefs, Pam’s got tips and tricks to share that could make your next vacation both lavish and affordable. Now, you know we’ve all raved about the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman before, so the big question on our minds was: How does the new Kimpton in Roatán stack up? Well, Pam’s here to tell you all about it, from the breathtaking ocean views to the unique 'barefoot luxury' vibe that Kimpton nails so perfectly. Whether you’re a points and miles pro or just starting to dip your toes in, this episode is packed with insights that’ll have you booking your next island getaway faster than you can say "snorkel." So pull up a beach chair, tune in, and let’s dive into the tropical bliss of Roatán with Pam.   Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free:  https://travelmomsquad.lpages.co/freevacation/ Award Travel Academy: https://travelmomsquad.teachable.com/p/thmata?coupon_code=TMSWEB150 Current Best Credit Card Offers:  https://travelfreely.com/travelmomsquad/  Our Website: https://travelmomsquad.com Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: https://travelmomsquad.com/newsletter Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelmomsquad/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@travelmomsquad Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/travelmomsquad Links for this episode: Kimpton Seafire Resort: Luxury in Grand Cayman  Kimpton Hotels Are My Favorite IHG Brand  Purchasing IHG Points: Does It Make Sense? All About IHG Credit Cards IHG Personal Card: Travel Mom Squad | Card Offer IHG Business Card: Travel Mom Squad | Card Offer   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:50 How did Pam get to Roatán? All about her flight journey and a night in Houston. 3:00 Pam touches down in Roatán and heads to the stunning Kimpton Grand. 5:18 Let’s talk points: How much did Pam's luxurious stay cost in points? 7:49 Getting around in Roatán made easy: Pam's tips on hotel shuttles and local transport. 10:17 First impressions: Pam falls in love with the Kimpton Grand Roatán. 12:41 Underwater adventures: Snorkeling around the island. 13:55 Feasting in Roatán: Where Pam dined and what she loved. 17:37 Don't miss out! Learn how you can travel like Pam in our upcoming webinar. 18:05 Back to the food: More on Pam’s top dining spots right near the beach. 22:00 Kimpton Roatán vs. Kimpton Seafire: Pam weighs in on which one stole her heart. 25:02 Celebration time: How the Kimpton Grand Roatán made a birthday special. 30:45 Wrapping up: Why you'll want to pack your bags for Roatán after this chat.  
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