Our AI Futures - Lord Chris Holmes and the AI Bill
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On this episode of The Turing Podcast Bea and Anneca are joined by Lord Chris Holmes, Britain’s most successful Paralympic swimmer and an active member of the House of Lords with a policy focus on digital technology for public good. Connect with Lord Holmes on  Linked In   Explore our regular news AI news podcast, too long didn't read
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On this episode, Bea and Jessie are joined by Becky Inkster and Mark Sheppard, co-founders of The Laß; a fusion of science, creativity and personal reflection. Collaborating with famous musicians, dancers and members of the public, Becky and Mark use EEG brain activity technology to visualise...
Published 07/04/24
To what extent can a computer network be actively managed and defended by intelligent autonomous agents? In this episode, Ed and Anneca talk to Vasilios Mavroudis and Chris Hicks explore this question and more.  Vas and Chris lead the Turing’s AI for Cyber Defence (AICD) research centre which...
Published 05/03/24
Published 05/03/24