Navigating the Shadows of Trauma (with D Paul Fleming)
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Trauma does not discriminate. Trauma is trauma. PTSD and suicide are like hand in glove in the veteran community. In this episode, US Navy veteran D. Paul Flemming(@DPaulFleming) shares his journey of faith, writing, and overcoming trauma.   "Trauma belongs in the eyes of the person who suffered it,  and nobody, in my opinion, nobody should weigh or judge the level of trauma. It is up to the individual to determine how severe the trauma is. " - D Paul Fleming   Key Takeaways: Breaking the Silence on Veteran Suicide: Veteran suicide rates are alarming, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the issue. Destigmatizing and openly discussing suicide within the military community is crucial. Suicide prevention support is readily available by dialing 988 in the USA, providing a tangible resource for those in need. First Step Towards Healing: Initiating change starts with taking that challenging first step, especially when dealing with trauma. Individuals need to recognize that they are not alone in their pain. Acknowledging the difficulty of the first step fosters a shared understanding that pain and suffering are universal. Healing Through Storytelling: Storytelling has been a foundational aspect of human history, providing a powerful avenue for connection and healing. Sharing stories creates a collective understanding of the human condition. Storytelling reinforces the idea that individuals are not alone in their experiences, fostering a sense of shared humanity. Embracing Diversity in Spirituality: Cultural beliefs vary widely on the meaning and practice of faith. Respecting and allowing individuals to have their personal faith system, even if it differs from one's own, aligns with the core teachings of many religions. Embracing diverse spiritual beliefs contributes to a more inclusive and understanding society.  Sponsors and Promotions:   Momentous Designed by the world’s best experts, used by the world’s best teams and athletes, and made for all of us- go to, and use code Divine for 20% off your first order.  Vessi If you’re like me and you want to be ready for anything rain or shine… Head to and get yourself a pair today and get 15% off your order using code ‘divine’   Links for D. Paul Fleming: Instagram Facebook Black Hawk Books  
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